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14th September 2014

The Wandering Mind
I was reading a book about “everyday spirituality” recently, when I came across this reflection written by a parishioner.

“At Mass I like to sit in the front. I can see better and it’s much easier to concentrate.

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14th September 2014



Lead Items:

Readers & Eucharistic Ministers

We are in need of new ministers for both these ministries. If you are interested please sign up on the lists in the porch. Once we’ve got an idea of numbers, we’ll organise some training.

Next Week 21st September: HOME MISSION SUNDAY
Supporting outreach to non churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics
This year’s theme: Evangelisation ‘in the heart of the family’
Many children and young people will never see their parents receive the sacraments. Every Catholic who goes to Mass knows someone who currently is distant from the family of the faith – the parish community. On 21st September 2014 the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales ask that Home Mission Sunday is celebrated in every parish to invite prayer and support for the work of evangelisation. Please pray for and help the Bishops to develop new ways to reach out to non churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics by supporting the second collection. Thank you for your support and do pick up a free prayer and information card about Home Mission Sunday as you leave the church next Sunday. There will be a retiring collection after each Mass.

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We are pleased to include a Children’s Liturgy Art Gallery on our parish website. You can submit your artwork to this site in a number of ways. The easiest way will be to either scan or photograph your art work and get your parents to email them to the following address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please give us your first name , age and if possible a brief description of the artwork.

Alternatively, a box will be made available at the back of the church where you can leave your artwork and we will scan it in. Please write your first name and age , either on the front or back of your artwork.

Please be as creative as you possibly can with your artwork. The only thing we ask is that your artwork is about something that was discussed in children’s liturgy that week

New Parishioners

Dear new parishioner, you would be most welcome to join in the services and the social activities of the church. Please make yourself known to members of the community.

To keep parish records up to date, please complete the New Parisioner's Form and return to the parish office.

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New Translation of the Mass

On September 4th 2011 we began using THE NEW TRANSLATION OF THE MASS. Everyone will need one of the New Mass Books for the readings. The New Mass is at the back of book. If you wish to follow the Preface & Eucharistic Prayers, you will find the page numbers on the front of the newsletter. There is also a card which has all the people’s parts of the Mass on it. For those who come to week day Masses you will need one of these and they can be found in the porch or on the table the offering gifts are placed on. There are also Mass Cards in the porch for children. Finally if you have not taken one already, there is a sheet containing the people’s parts of the Mass, with explanations for the changes. These are for you to take and read at home.

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